Armstrong Jones

Brand Identity

As the company Armstrong Jones Management Limited experienced rapid growth it acquired a number of companies and operating structures with conflicting names. It was our objective to reposition and redirect all entities to accept “Armstrong Jones” as the marketing label for all activities.

The corporate identity had to be rebranded to cater for a new set of stakeholders. Some of the stakeholders felt it was important to see a different company while some needed to be reassured that the existing company was secure. For this reason the symbol needed to be strong, simple and easily distinguishable. The shape of the logo reflected the national presence of an Australian company. The previous symbol was very active. The encasement gives it a more orderly and organised feel.

The symbol was grown from an ‘A&J’ and map of Australia with line work emphasising its growth. The brand embraced every aspect of the companies strategic marketing to maximise opportunity in the new financial services industry in the mid 1980’s and grew to lead its sector with $3 billion funds under management by 1990.