West Coast Eagles

Brand Identity

The original West Coast Eagles name and logo design was created to be unique amongst the VFL and WAFL competition. Why the WAFL? Attracting supporters for a team that wasn’t a state team, nor was it a Perth team, was a major concern. The team needed to appeal to the West Australian community without alienating support from any WAFL clubs, particularly West or East Perth.

A unique name, a unique set of colours and a relevant and memorable symbol were created taking into account two football competitions and two sets of football publics. A team regularly required to fly to the east coast, made a bird an attractive choice as the symbol. Eagles are strong, aggressive predators, all fitting qualities for a football team.

The West Coast Eagle always looks from the west to the east, in the direction of the competition. The colours reflect the colours of the name, blue for the water, yellow for the sand (the coast line).