Nakuru Hope was initiated in 2008 by Perth resident Susan Saleeba. The aim is to support families of Nakuru, Kenya, in becoming self sufficient, educating their children and assisting with feeding and clothing. It is a project that allows families to regain their sense of worth and pride. In 2013 Nakuru Hope are constructing a school, learning centre and orphanage. The organisation is non-for-profit, relying solely on fundraising, donations and volunteers.

Telos Brand developed the Nakuru Hope brand identity and website. The identity was designed to reflect a dynamic and creative organisation who’s central philosophy revolves around providing a positive future for those who are destitute, hungry and uneducated. For this reason, the Archangel Gabriel was chosen as the influence. The Archangel Gabriel plays an important role in the religious texts of Islam, Judaism and Christianity and is more commonly known as the Angel of Revelation or the Messenger of Hope. Muslims, Jews and Christians believe Gabriel is associated with adoption, birth and raising children. Which is an appropriate reference to Nakuru Hope’s philosophy.