Stride is the premier Australian chain of shoe stores stocking ECCO, Hush Puppies, NAOT, and Ziera (formerly Kumfs) shoes, both in-store and online.

Originally opening in Claremont 30 years ago as ‘All Sorts for Shoes’. Telos Brand have been responsible for the re-branding and marketing of Stride, over seeing the development and consistency of print advertising, signage, branded products and direct mailers. Whilst also enjoying an integral role in the store fit out and interior design.

A fun and unique character, the symbol communicates a person striding out; the action is exaggerated to make a bold statement and show movement. The shoe is an important part of the Stride symbol. It needed to be recognisable as a shoe but not identifiable as any particular style or gender. The visual illusion created between the inner, bottom point of the sole to the upper point of the leg also creates an ‘S’ for Stride.